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    Heathrow Hub is the smart and independent solution to UK airport expansion, one of three options shortlisted by the Airports Commission. Our cost-effective proposal is the product of years of experience. Bringing a wealth of knowledge in commercial, aeronautical, environmental and ground transport issues, our four Directors understand every aspect of the airport expansion debate

    Video: Captain William ‘Jock’ Lowe explains the Heathrow Hub proposal

A longer runway

A longer runway 6,650mA longer runway 6,650m

We propose to extend Heathrow’s existing northern runway to a total length of around 6,650 metres.

By dividing it in two with a generous central buffer zone, we create two in-line runways, allowing aircraft to simultaneously land on one and take off on the other. This provides the same much needed new capacity as a third runway.

The runway extension would mean re-routing a short section of the M25, providing an opportunity to widen this key artery and ease traffic flows. All construction would be carried out with minimal disruption and the motorway is not expected to close at any time.



Heathrow Hub would avoid bringing any significant new communities into the noise footprint.

Landing aircraft on the western runway extension during the critical early morning arrivals period would effectively move the noise footprint 2.5 miles west, reducing noise for many local communities.

The additional runway capacity which we propose would also give the opportunity to limit or even eliminate the most disruptive night quota flights that arrive between 4.30am and 6am. We endorse the Airports Commission’s recommendation for an Independent Noise Regulator to take a holistic view of aircraft noise, with the ability to put in place, and enforce, new procedures.



This is a safe solution for expansion: the safety zone between the runways is 650m, over twice the length required by international regulations.

Moreover, as our runway solution is a relatively new concept, we have completed a thorough independent safety review with aviation experts and the CAA. This concludes that our proposal is safe and efficient and complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

Local communities


Generous compensation to those affected.

The Heathrow Hub proposals are precisely designed to make sure that there is minimal impact to the local area and no significant new communities would be brought into Heathrow's noise footprint. The fact that our scheme is lower in cost than others means that there would be more headroom for generous compensation for those people affected by expansion.



We believe it’s essential to make travel to Heathrow easier and quicker.

Our proposal will not only enhance air connectivity to UK regional airports and the world's emerging markets, but also includes the potential to better connect Heathrow to the national road and rail network.

To accommodate our extended runway concept the M25 would be moved slightly to the west, improving traffic flows on this busy section of the motorway. We propose a new 16 lane section for the M25, constructed offline, leaving the existing motorway unaffected. The switch over could be done with a few overnight lane closures.

We have developed a wider integrated surface access plan, transforming rail access to Heathrow. In addition to planned connections from the west, our proposals provide direct airport rail services from Woking, Guildford and Basingstoke, as well as from London Waterloo, Clapham Junction and intermediate stations.



The runway extension could be completed and open for use within 7 years of Government’s policy decision.

This is much quicker than any other proposal to expand Heathrow, which would require acquisition and demolition of many more properties, some of which require relocation before work on the airport could start.

Our scheme construction would not affect the capacity or reliability of Heathrow’s existing operations, or the existing transport networks serving the airport.


Minimising the cost of airport expansion and protecting the UK’s economic competitiveness are key.

Heathrow Hub is privately funded with a significantly lower capital cost than other options. We estimate that the cost of our airport and road infrastructure (including land and property acquisition and compensation) would be £9.7bn. Our proposals would be phased, allowing capacity to be developed as demand increases. A first phase, costing less than £4bn, provides capacity for 70,000 additional aircraft movements.

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