The Spectator investigates: London airport expansion

The UK is on the verge of finding out which of the three shortlisted proposals for airport expansion will be chosen by the Davies Commission. Heathrow Hub has asked The Spectator's Isabel Hardman to look into the different options.


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Our Proposal

Heathrow Hub is the smart and independent solution to UK airport expansion, one of three options shortlisted by the Airports Commission.

Led by Captain William ‘Jock’ Lowe, Concorde’s longest serving pilot, this practical solution could quickly and safely increase Heathrow’s capacity. Our scheme is the least disruptive and would avoid exposing any significant new communities to noise, potentially minimise environmental and local impacts and provide an opportunity for early morning noise mitigation over large areas of West London.

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Why Heathrow?

  • Heathrow is vital to our economy, directly responsible for 1 per cent of UK GDP

  • Heathrow is a major UK employer, directly supporting around 100,000 jobs.

  • Heathrow currently connects the UK to 180 places in 85 countries

  • 72 million passengers arrived at or departed from Heathrow in 2013

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